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SOSV, World Wide Venture Capital, Invests on PT Galactic Multimedia

PT Galactic Multimedia, Indonesian company that developed one-stop shop for high-quality international mobile content and Android engagement platform, announced an undisclosed funding round from SOSV.

SOSV is an accelerator and venture capital firm which is widely known as the organiser of leading accelerator programmes in China and Asia in general, such as Chinaccelerator, HAX, Food-X, MOX, and Indie-Bio.

With supports from SOSV, PT Galactic Multimedia plans to use the new funding to expand into Southeast Asia and build on its current 6 million active users.

"There is a huge open door between both Indonesia and South East Asian markets, and we would like to be the extension that enables both market and raise capital," said PT Galactic Multimedia's CEO, Arthur Chua.

PT Galactic Multimedia has previously raised funding from Geniee and IMJ Investment Partners.

PT Galactic Multimedia offer rewards and recommendations service, tailored to Indonesians and offering news, apps and HTML 5 games. The allure of Indonesia’s massive and as yet largely untapped mobile market of 165 million devices is tantalizing.