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Japan's Advertising Company, UNITED, Inc, invests on Oomph

Oomph, the biggest Android engaging platform in Indonesia, announced undisclosed amount of funding from UNITED, Inc., based in Japan. The financing will be used to fund Oomph's continued expansion and for further investment in its platform.

UNITED, Inc. engages in the Ad-Tech and smartphone content businesses in Japan. It offers Bypass, adstir, and VidSpot ad technology services. The company also provides various smartphone content apps, including game and non-game apps.

"Oomph has rapidly developed a position in the large and fast-growing market for one stop shop Android platform. We're excited to have a partner on board that provides us not only capital, but also vast strategic experience in our market." said Arthur Chua, CEO of Oomph.

Oomph is aimed at the growing number of Android smartphone users in Indonesia. It provides digital content for Android platform that is packaged in a form of app store. It has apps, games, news, wallpaper, video, and music.

Oomph also offers a solution to optimize the monetization of your inventories. Through our market place, publishers can improve sales capabilities and scalabilities to reach all available deals from any buyer-be it via programmatic, managed and self-serve demand from ad networks, demand-side platforms, or ad exchanges.