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Tank Reborn

Tank Reborn
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Tank Reborn *Tank Reborn

Rp 3,000





Gamers play amazing challenges. Time to unlock the real gamer within you. Want to test your ability to shoot right target? Or rather play a fun tank shooter game where you shoot enemies. All time classic game of Tank Shooter is back. It is called the “Tank reborn”. We bring your amazing Tank Shooter Game with exciting levels and challenges. This classic game of Tank Shooter includes a smooth and addictive game play.

This is a really easy to play fun game with intuitive user controls. You just have to shoot your enemies with your tank shooter while protecting your base. Your shooting speed and concentration matters. It is a very interesting game to get started with and challenges increase with different difficulty levels. This Tank Shooter Game has amazing sounds and music effects to enhance your gaming experience. Difficulty increases as you keep playing. This fun and addictive tank shooter game tests your shooting skills and also your reflexes. “Tank Reborn-Classic Tank Shooter” game is suited for gamers of all age groups but kids really like this game because it tests their concentration and challenges their shooting skills. You will simply love it. This is the most classic and amazing Tank Shooter Game that you will really enjoy playing. Continuously kill enemies to score bonus. 

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