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Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom

Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom
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Castle Glory:Dragon Kingdom





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The best brand new 3D Real-Time Strategy War mobile game, Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom is on landing! Opening map and RPG gameplay, porcelain 3D models, Real-time online warfare, Global server, you are the Chosen One to start your glory, rebuild your epic kingdom and recruit your allies through the ages. Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom, free online game to play with friends!

4 Races, 30+ Heroes, 6 Faiths, 14 Epic Artifacts

The mobile game contains 4 races, 5 locations of each race. Even in different races.
Heroes got their secret chains, collect as your own strategy mind.
Fill up gallery and enjoy the squad extra bonus, get these sweetie desserts during the fun adventure in Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom

My friends, it’s time to start your Glory legend Now......

- Conquer Resourceful Territories
※Resource buildings new gameplay, buildings will split out from 1 to more as the level rise.
※Dispatch troops to collect resources from a nearby secondary city and have them pick off a few demons along the way.
※Launch a feint at an enemy city, then circle back and meet up your guild army to capture a pass, burn out enemy territories for shortage resources.
※During the kingdom fight, smart guy will make it strategy, ask your teammate split 2-3 lines one for enemies’ territories and the others go for Temple and Shrine.

- Explore Endless Dungeons
※Dungeon contains fun mini-games with multi - element , Temple Puzzle, Tribe Raid, Monster Slay, Maze Adventure. You will never know what is going to happen in crazy Dungeons..
※In addition to the Legion, you will also need courage and wisdom. It is your time to crush out these endless dungeons, the chosen one…

- Guild system
※Assist allies, feed guild dragon, and donate to upgrade guild territory.
※Launch epic world warfare to strengthen the guild and get multiple buffs, occupying the World Tree is our one and only goal, it is all about the strategy and cooperation.

- Online real-time battle
※Battles are suddenly happening in real-time on the map.
※True RTS gameplay allows everyone can join the battle anytime anywhere.
※Some badass attacked right in your backyard? Send some troops to reinforce your buddy, or launch a counter-rally to attacker’