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KeepSecurity - Security Scan, Cleaner & Booster

KeepSecurity - Security Scan, Cleaner & Booster
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KeepSecurity - Security Scan, Cleaner & Booster





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Keep Security is a security tool with security scan, junk cleaner, phone booster, WiFi security and CPU cooler for Android devices. It's your personal security guard that protects phone and optimizes performance.

Highlights of KeepSecurity:
- Real-time Protection: Provide 24/7 protection for your phone.
- Security Scan: Protect your device from potential safety risks.
- Junk Cleanup: Clear junk files on your device using smart technology to save more storage space.
- Phone Booster: Speed up your phone to make it run smoothly again with just one tap.
- CPU Cooler: Detect battery-draining apps with high CPU usage and cool down your device.
- Battery Saver: Stop power-draining apps to improve battery life.
- WiFi Security: Protect your phone from potential network attacks.

With KeepSecurity, you won't have to worry about:
Private data being leaked.
Device lagging due to insufficient RAM memory.
Junk and residual files taking up your device storage.
Device heating up like an oven.
Connected to a malicious network and account password getting stolen by Wi-Fi phishing.

Easy to use:
- Optimize your Android device in one tap
- Simple and user-friendly interface
- Fast, effective, requires minimal device storage and CPU usage

Note: This app uses the Accessibility permission.