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World War: Hokage clash Ninja - NWW

World War: Hokage clash Ninja - NWW
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World War: Hokage clash Ninja - NWW





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Lots of Shinobi Heroes were reborn and await you in the legendary Shinobi arena! Train the best Shinobi Heroes team and wage unlimited battles against other players in the Great Shinobi War using your best tactics!

☆ Build the Best Shinobi Team ☆
In this Shinobi world, you will never be alone! Recruit from over 100 Shinobis as they become the ultimate avengers to save the world from destruction. Race with the entire server and train with your Shinobis to become the most powerful Shinobi fighter, and strive even harder to become the next strongest Hokage in history! Come forth, recruit and build the legendary team to beat the formidable Rock Lee and Sakura combo!

☆ Epic Challenges and Gifts ☆
Hunt for over thousands of secret treasures and artifacts after defeating the ferocious Tailed Beasts. S-Class trainings available daily for you to participate for cool rewards as well! Earn their rewards and strive towards equipping your Shinobi storm team with the best items! Don't let Kaguya get stronger, prepare to crush her now!

☆ Shinobi Saga Fantastic PvP ☆
Train hard to be the best hero in the Shinobi shadow arena! Practice and hone powerful Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu to overcome even the toughest hurdle. Other than the classic 5v5 Arena, an all out war games mode awaits! Send in all your favorite Shinobis to battle now!!

☆ Forge Unbreakable Friendships ☆
The most challenging part of World War: Hokage clash Ninja - NWW is to ensure your survival! Create guilds, make friends and allies now! Awaken your Shinobi Heroes and Tailed Beasts, act swiftly so that only you can get the best rewards!

☆ Exhilarating Guild Functions ☆
Lead your guild or join powerful guilds in World War: Hokage clash Ninja - NWW and work with your trusty guild members to complete Jonin rank missions, as well as take down enemies and foes who attempts to get in your way! The ultimate Shinobi storm battle awaits...

What are you waiting for? Follow the Child of Prophecy as he returns to the Village of the Leaf and experience the most authentic Shinobi world. Bring you back the most memorable classic scenes of Shinobi saga now!