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Larva Drawing

Larva Drawing
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Larva Drawing





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A puzzle game where you play with the popular animation "Larva".
▶You can earn enough hints through video reward ads.

★ Hint acquisition (= Real play time reward) ★
- System to pay points through real play time
- You can get hints by getting points for the time you have played.
- You won't get points unless you play.

▶How to play
-Connect "Larva Characters" of the same shape.
-Clear all floors with lights. (If there is empty space, it is not cleared.)
-Impenetrable obstacles (frogs) and intersection icons can pass through.

▶ Features
-7 different characters to play different way.
-There are many ways to get a hint.
(Buy ads, points, missions, items)
-You can listen to exciting and cheerful game music just by listening.
-You can see the "Larva" animation right from the YouTube link.
-Global ranking rankings can be checked at a glance.

▶ Caution
This game is available for purchase of partially paid items.
Additional charges may be incurred when purchasing partially paid items, and withdrawal may be limited depending on the item type.

▶ Guide by Access Right
When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.