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Lucky Car - Idle Racing Car Merger Tycoon

Lucky Car - Idle Racing Car Merger Tycoon
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Lucky Car - Idle Racing Car Merger Tycoon





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Lucky Car is a casual simulation game. You are playing as a auto manager. Buy, place the cars to the track to earn gold. Merge 2 same cars can get a higher level of car. Interesting and casual play way, even can get gold when you are offline.
[How to Play]
✔Merge to unlock
✔Make cars race to earn coins!
✔Upgrade level to unlock more tracks

●Merge Vehicle to upgrade, earn abundant golds.
●Hundreds of Vehicle are waiting for you to unlock, to be a celebrity of the Vehicle.
●Place your Vehicle to earn golds. Even get the benefits offline.
●Kill the boring time.
●Free to update!
●Free to play!

Combine your car upgrades and make more money.

Various kinds of cars and categories.

* An idle car. Your car will drive automatically. Even if you are offline, you can make money.

Come on and be the best and lead the team. Download "Lucky Car" immediately to build your own team and use your wisdom to expand your business to the world!