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Tales of Musou:2019 Idle RPG Game

Tales of Musou:2019 Idle RPG Game
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Tales of Musou:2019 Idle RPG Game





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This fair and innovative mobile game, Tales of Musou, is a free-to-play idle RPG with open world, featuring hundreds of eminent dynasty warriors from the Three Kingdoms Age. You can command the most heroic warriors to fight for you, and can also be accompanied by the most beautiful heroines. Embark on the most exciting adventure and enjoy the joy of victory!

Game Features:

Auto-battling Idle Mode
With the idle mode, you don’t need to worry about the operations, which greatly save your time! Switch to idle mode to automatically collect numerous items. Enjoy your realistic life without worries!

Generous Offline Earnings
Tales of Musou has offline automated leveling support, so you can continue to fight enemies and level up even if you’re not playing the game.

Multiple Fighting Gameplays
The gameplays driven by storyline bring you a wholly different gaming experience. You can fight with your friends globally against other players from different servers and can undergo the most thrilling PvP. Also, you can engage in a desperate struggle with monsters.
Fight Until Death