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Legend of Agress

Legend of Agress
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Legend of Agress





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Legend of Agress is a magical dungeon background 3D MMORPG real-time combat sociable mobile game.
Here, all equipment can be obtained from trading system,
you can earn money by playing game,become an emerald merchant right now.

1. Sellable Gear - F2P
All gear can be sold! Play and earn cash at the same time! Tons of ways to earn! Try to find all opportunities!

2. Free PvP - Fight for Survival
Solo PvP—one slash, one kill; Legion PvP—massive battles; 100% constant PvP

3. Guild War—All-out Battle!
1-second matching; conquer the world!

4. Collect & Train Hundreds of Guardian Pets
Classic Eudemons Collecting: Train them and have them fight for you!