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Little Panda’s Insect Diary

Little Panda’s Insect Diary
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Little Panda’s Insect Diary





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Do you want your own insect diary? Then take an adventure in the world of insects with Little Panda! Little Panda will teach you how to write an insect diary!

Play hide-and-seek with insects!
3, 2, 1! The insects have hidden themselves! Let's find them! Part leaves, peer into bushes… Can you find every mantis, ladybug, and cricket?

Help the insects find food!
The earthworm loves to eat bacteria in the dirt, but it has bad eyesight and needs your help! Guide the earthworm to its food underground! Watch out for the rocks!

Lead insects avoid their predators!
The cricket is a high-jump champion, but it’s afraid of the owl! Oh no, the owl finds out the cricket! Guide the cricket to jump to another tree and get away!

Learn martial arts and protect mantis eggs!
The ants are here to steal mantis eggs! Use the mantis fist to fight off the ants! Hi-ya! You have beaten back the ants and saved the eggs!

Don’t forget to write your experience in your own insect diary after the adventure!

-4 insects: Mantis, ladybug, cricket, and earthworm!
-4 fun reflex training games!
-40 insect stickers to adorn the diary!
-Learn how to start an insect diary!