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Pocket Academy ZERO

Pocket Academy ZERO
Kairosoft Co.,Ltd - Game
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Pocket Academy ZERO





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Play the full game for free!

There's also Pocket Academy 2, with more club activities and student relationships.

Build a school with classrooms of your choice and help students realize their full potential and pursue the career path that's best for them!

Attract more students to enroll by offering lots of different facilities and providing excellent teaching to help students pass their exams.

There are special events in Summer and Fall, such as Choral Competition, Athletic Meet, and Corn Roast. They're a great chance to make new friends.

If your students get good grades, they may get invited to events such as quizzes or contests.

Graduating students take a placement test. Will they realize their dreams?

Note: the app downloads data when you start it. Make sure you have good internet connection.