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Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games
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Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games





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Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games

Match 3 sweets, build a bakery and bake the tastiest pastries in the best new puzzle game!

Play baking games with sinfully sweet challenges to build and design a village of shops, each specializing in a different decadent dessert category. Sell sweet bakery goods in bakeries and cafes you create, from an ice cream shop to a bakery with fresh pastries, from chocolate confections to specialty coffee drinks. Play match 3 games to bake an array of delicious indulgences to your friends and customers in shops you create.

Build a bakery to world-renowned glory, create an ice cream shop dedicated to every iteration of that beloved dessert and launch a high-end coffee shop that takes the world's most popular beverage to new dessert-themed heights. Sell bakery sweets and fresh pastries you make in shops you design and build by playing match 3 games.

In these match 3 baking games, you choose the mouth-watering items you want to make, build menus, offer special events to your customers while playing matching games. As the bakery chef, you’ll tend to the surrounding land while planting and harvesting fruits and herbs for your recipes.

Play match 3 puzzles with sweet and astounding effects to create and improve your shops. Get cooking and baking help from animals living in the town, each with a unique talent and a shared love of all things sweet and sugary. Your bakery may be great - but watch out for the Health & Safety Inspector who’s out to bring you down!

Animal friends will join you on your bakery adventure, as JOY, a lovable rabbit and your dedicated assistant, and an ever-growing crew of fun and hilarious animals are there to support you.

Sweet Escapes features:

Match 3 Games
- Puzzle games with a dessert theme, featuring unique boosters and exploding combinations
- Match 3: swap and match pieces to build each café
- Power up your game with abilities from your animal friends

Bakery Building Games
- Build a city of cafes and shops dedicated to the most delicious desserts in the world.
- Decorate each bake shop and choose what desserts you want to prepare and offer.
- Build a sweet empire with new dessert shops, redesign existing ones, and lovingly tend to the land while planting and harvesting fruits and herbs for your baking recipes.

Sweet City Building
- Town games let you build a range of sweet shops, such as:
- Ice cream bar
- Coffee shop
- Bake shop
- And more!

Animal Games
- Baking games with a crew of lovable animals – each with their own unique talent and passion for dessert – who rally together to help you build and run your shops.
- Run your sweet empire with your animal friends and rise to the challenge of the kooky Health & Safety Inspector with his ridiculous list of demands.

Build a bakery, bake delicious sweets and join animal friends as you play matching games and puzzles! Download Sweet Escapes today!

Sweet Escapes is free to play, though some in-game items can be purchased to help boost gameplay. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu.