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First Summoner

First Summoner
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First Summoner





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First Summoner

Begin your trials and face the darkness! The dark pact grants unrivaled power and the battle will go on until your very soul is burnt to ashes

No more auto battles! Feel the depth of tactics! Every moment and choice will be contested! Lead your monsters and march on with strategic summons

Own the battlefield with unique minion combinations! The same trick won't work twice, win the battle with new strategies and minion summons!

An epic tale of a hero with over 150 stories to be told! Experience the overwhelming dark fantasy story and test your limits with nearly impossible levels

Challenge your limits in endless chaos! The ultimate battle experience for gamers! Experience breathtaking battles and endless challenges!

Prove your skills in PVP! Devise the ultimate strategy to overwhelm your enemies! Come face-to-face with the power of darkness at the end of the world! Conquer the darkness!