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Poker Vegas Casino

Poker Vegas Casino
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Poker Vegas Casino

Rp 15,000

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


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Poker Vegas Casino

People visit Vegas to play games and win huge prizes! Texas hold'em poker is very popular, join in and win big!

Place your bets and bluff your opponents in this exciting multiplayer card game. Don't expect real money gambling, but the feeling is true!

Classical Texas Hold 'em Poker game rules apply. Briefly: the main goal is to gather all of the chips each player around the table has. A round of poker is won by having the highest winning combination of 5 cards consisting of the 2 cards in a player's hand and the 5 cards on the table. A player proceeds to he next round of bets only if their bet is equal to the other players'.

Other features:
At the start of a game of poker you may choose how many opponents you wish to play against. Throughout the game you may also complete some achievements. You may view the achievements and other statistics in the section “profile“.

Controls Touch
Tap onscreen icons for corresponding action (navigation through menu, choice of game action – check, fold, bet, raise, etc. and their confirmation)."

Controls Keyboard
2 or navigation key up – up in menu, increase bet or raise
8 or navigation key down – down in menu, lower bet or raise
4 or navigation key left – left in menu, scroll through game actions
6 or navigation key right – right in menu, scroll through game actions
Left soft key, 5 or central navigation key – confirm selection
Right soft key – back, pause and access ingame menu