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Foxy Land

Foxy Land
Inlogic - Game
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Foxy Land

Rp 15,000

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  

Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


Foxy Land 1
Foxy Land 2
Foxy Land 3
Foxy Land 4
Foxy Land 5


Here our Foxy Fox is ready to rescue his love! He sent her on a dangerous journey and without your help she is lost!
Embark on an adventure filled with dangers and difficulties that you have to overcome! Complete many challenging levels, collect the gems and cherries and reach the end of each level to get three stars.
Browse the shop and you can spend the collected cherries on new items.
Can you pass all the levels in FoxyLand? We will see!

Save your love! Complete challenging levels one after another to save your beloved one. Collect cherries to buy new outfits for Foxy in the shop.

Controls Touch
Touch the buttons in the menu to advance further.
Touch the Left and Right buttons to move.
Touch the Up button to jump.
Touch the Down button to duck.
Touch the top of the screen to pause.

Controls Keyboard
Click on the buttons in the menu to advance further.
Press A and D buttons to move.
Press W to jump.
Press S to duck.
Press ESC to pause.