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Imperial Palace: The Emperor Story

Imperial Palace: The Emperor Story
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Imperial Palace: The Emperor Story





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Imperial Palace: The Emperor Story

Live and experience the royal story of Great Emperor, Fascinating plot story with evil consipracy to dethrone your positions, it's your duty to manage your land for greater good, save the people from brutal barbarian Invasion! Fulfill your destiny to become the greatest Emperor in the history!

- Decent Graphics can lead you to the utmost experience -

Key Features

- Married True Royal Beauty

Beautiful Lady will be waiting in your Luxury Chamber, cherish them to release all your stress, feel their support by increasing your certain officers and be the witness of Royal Beauty Power!

- Raise Your Empire Heir

Raise and trains your Heir, as they become adult, related with others Powerful players by marry your Heir, they will grant you bless that increase power of your Armies!

- Recruit Strongest Officer

Recruit Nobunaga Oda , Cao Cao dan Robin Hood to become your loyal retainers, develop them to become the strongest general in history that will lead Empire armies to Eternal Glory!

- Lead Empire Armies Againts Barbarian Invasion

Fight againts Sultan and King of Barbarian Army to defend you country! Survive the attack and you will be rewards tons of treasure, rewrite the history and become the strongest Emperor in History!

- 24/7 Nonstop Exciting Event

Nonstop exciting events is waiting for you! participate and get tons of rewads by login inside the game and play with your friends! what are you waiting for? Download and live the Adventure!