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Wekara-App Karaoke Online

Wekara-App Karaoke Online
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Wekara-App Karaoke Online





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Wekara is an amazing free karaoke application that lets you sing your own covers from a variety of popular songs from an abundant catalog and karaoke like a star!

[Entire People's Online Karaoke Entertainment Friends Application]
Application that must be had to follow Fashion, social karaoke which is the most comfortable and practical.
Quality sound effects, interactive and fun community, cool and talented young people here!
What are you waiting for * Enter Wekara! Sounds Good in Indonesia, star charms are waiting for you as a challenge.

*Cellphone Recording Studio*
A myriad of music for you, super high-quality accompaniment, music you want to sing and listen to everything here!
Concerts, recording studios, Karaoke together and many other sound effects, increase your confidence, allow you to become a superstar in Indonesia
Worried is video recording not good* The effects of automatic revisions, MVs of your songs and can be stylish too, are fast becoming popular among teenagers today.
Whenever you sing, your songs are saved with one click

[Karaoke Online Party]
Can't invite friends to* Official Karaoke, private exclusive Karaoke have fun anytime, party with friends online!
You can also open a very exciting party and sing with LIVE, say goodbye to your loneliness!
A stage for young people, as long as you dare to sing, you can surprise the audience!

[Around-people are friends with voices]
"there are people around", say hello to the beautiful ones and handsome with your voice.
The best "Friend Moments", track the dynamics of your friends, be the first to give likes and give gifts!
Support to share via Facebook, Messenger, Wechat, and friends outside the site. Singing together is definitely more interesting!

[Profile page - Dare to show yourself]
Create profile pages and share your songs!
Upload personal photos, show your personality, you are more attractive than you think!
Young people love singing and sharing! Let singing be a kind of communication and habit!

[Advantages of Wekara]
The friendliest application for Karaoke Entertainment Mobile phone in Indonesia!
[Singing and listening to songs without delay] A myriad of music for you, free singing with just one click! All good songs are always recommended to you.
[Video recording] Record 5 minutes of video whenever you want, the best sound technology, beautiful sound filter effects, let MV, karaoke videos change blockbuster music in seconds!
[Top Anywhere]: Top Wekara, Top Rekomekasi, Top Duet, Top MV, Top Singing, Top Pesona, Top Region, Top Kekayaan, Top Popularity ... Various top of each for you, fully created the stage star of Wekara
[Making friends with singing]: Use songs to find the people who know you best, and help you realize the desire to sing along with your idol!
[Opening the karaoke room]: You can open your own karaoke room and live streaming to sing anywhere, sing the way you want!

Thousands of songs to sing!
Choose from all popular hits! Updated songs every day! Which includes:
+ Karna Su Sayang - ft Dian Sorowea
+ As Seen - Brisia Jodie
+ So In Love - Marion Jola
+ Please - Budi Doremi
+ Proof - Virgoun
+ Miss yourself - Iqbaal
+ Akad - Payung Teduh
+ Happy Friends - Jaz
+ Dear - Via Vallen
+ Sirna - Virza

Millions of people sing karaoke at Wekara. Hurry up and join this warm and big family!

[Contact us]:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WekaraAPP
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wekara_entertainment/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQip7_I93TN-vkFfgH9K8w