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Super Sonic Kart

Super Sonic Kart
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Super Sonic Kart





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Play super sonic kart racing game and run, dash go boom for free by showing off your racing, dashing & rushing skills. From absolute fans of knuckles racing games, tails mania a sublime 3D fast-paced and action-packed free 3D racing game as hero hedgehog.

Amazing 3D cars and karts with different styles: Shadow, Silver, Rose style with super talented drivers as Amy the driver and egg-man who literraly Knuckles out the racing tracks! Could you blast and beat them? Fast, furious, fun and FREE, tails a kart-racing island adventure for all ages.

• Easy to pick up! Everybody can play this and win the racing battle!
• Lots of awesome items to try out the heroes forces
• Steer, drift and race through sharp corners and transformed cars.
• Wonderful songs and music.
• more than 39 awesome tracks from creepy to jungle environments
• Supports Android phones and tablets
• Clean racing fun for the whole family!

Start running now sonic for free! Enjoy!
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