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2in1 Racing Games

2in1 Racing Games
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2in1 Racing Games

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Beli Rp 15,000      Berlangganan  


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Enjoy driving on an endless highway in two different games. Buy better cars, upgrade them and make them look better in Street Racer 3D. Or try to control 2 cars at the same time in Two Cars. Collect all the circles and avoid all the squares. Enjoy the ride!

Drive as long and fast as you can without crashing. Gain the highest scores in the leaderboards.

Controls Touch:
Street Racer 3D:
Tap item to select it in menu.
Touch gas icon to accelerate.
Touch brake icon to slow down.
Tilt the device sideways to steer the car.
Pause the game and access the in-game options by tapping the pause icon.

Two Cars:
Tap the left or right side of the screen to change the lane of the car driving on the left or right half of the screen.

Controls Keyboard:
Two Cars:
2 or navigation key up – up in menu
8 or navigation key down – down in menu
4 or navigation key left – Change the lane of the left car
6 or navigation key right – Change the lane of the right car
5 or central navigation key – select in menu
Left soft key – select
Right soft key - quit, back in menu, pause