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PINS Funny Photo Grid Maker

PINS Funny Photo Grid Maker
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PINS Funny Photo Grid Maker





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The 2018 free pic collage maker & funny photo editor comes out. PINS can help you combine exclusive photo grid idea, layout and cool background together. Let you freely enjoy the process of creating one-of-a-kind collage designs.

Select your favorite images from photo library, and open our free photo collage editor- PINS, find whichever grid design you like, choosing the specific type, such as 9-picture layout.; then edit frame, space, corners, background pattern, signature, logo, geotag and timestamp. Finally you will generate the ideal photo collage.

So there are some featured advantages PINS have:

Collage Ideas for Multi-photos

Combine up to 9 photos to create pic collage; usually we use collage makers for 2 photos, 3 photos and 4 photos.

100+ Grid Layouts

Every kind of grid possesses 10+ different layout designs. We support horizontal, vertical, radial, scrapbook layout & etc.

Freestyle Montage Maker

Flexibly change the positions of every picture, adjust frame and shade.

80+ Chic Photo Collage Templates

Various styles of templates can be applied on single and multiple photos.

100+ Sweet, Cool & Vaporwave Backgrounds

Large amount of background, gradient colors, fonts, and doodles to choose from! We have various background styles: sweet girls, vaporwave arts, pleasing sceneries and etc.

Premium Filters & Text Fonts

Edit photo collage with retro & seasonal filters; add personalized text and logo pic as your signature.

Funny Geotag, Weather & Timestamps

Add diverse marks to your photo, such as motto, weather, location and time stamps.

It is a very exciting thing to create photo collage with numerous grid designs, sweet scrapbook boards, vaporwave backgrounds, cool filters and text stamps. These useful functions that are all-in-one, are great advantages of PINS.

Especially we can produce hd collage photos with easy-to-use interface, and more importantly it is totally free!