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Dua-Islamic Ramadan

Dua-Islamic Ramadan
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Dua-Islamic Ramadan





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Doua and supplications in Ramadan 2015 is valuable collection of duaa moustajab with a beautiful voice Sheikh Afasi, Alafasy to thank allahch acun is in their relief from the application of God or the patient asks azkar healing invocation or doua is prayed to Allah Almighty, Islamic prayers duas derived from the Book and the Sunnah and Hisn ul muslim, which includes a large amount of high supplications azan 2015: istikhaarah prayer,slamic Azkar remembrance Islamic invocation Listen dua Ramadan, Souvenir wake up a prayer of Mecca, the most beautiful prayers are available in application,ramadan fasting dhikr morning, evening Ramadan 2015 quote sand remembrance.
Duaa if for all believers,humanity, family, friends, strangers, those in critical circumstance.With duaa you can ask god for forgiveness When making the dua it is acceptable Duaas mercy, Muslims call on god frequently any place everywhere dua 2015 is not an obligation.


> No 3G or WiFi needed, All Free Ringtones are included.
> Easy to Search/Find any file.
> Set timer to play the Dua as ringtone.
> The possibility of setting any Dua as Notification alert or Clock Alarm.
> Fast and effective application on all devices.
> Possibility to put your selected Duaas or Dua in your favorite list.
> Share your selected dua via e-mail or Social media.
> The App will stop playing when receiving a phone call, and continue to work on the device at the same time.
> Navigate between files from within the media player automatic transition to the following file.

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