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Halls of Darkness

Halls of Darkness
Unspeakable Studios - Game

Halls of Darkness





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In Halls of Darkness you traverse through eerie mansions, graveyards, caves, and more in search of your missing friend before he falls into the hands of a cult, hell-bent on offering him as a sacrifice to their god. Find different items and access different areas of several maps to unlock HoD's various playable characters with their own unique personality and point of view. But, be fast, as terrorizing events may cause you to lose sanity, spiraling yourself into dark, dark situations.

"Absolutely love it, very atmospheric and the art resembles some of Lovecraft's sketches." - PoorPigg IGN


-HP Lovecraft inspired horror story
-5 playable characters with unique personalities
-Insanity Mechanic
-Choice driven gameplay
-Several unique and hidden endings
-Grading System
-In-game Achievements
-Anime art
-Intricate map layouts
-Tons of replay value

Hall of Darkness is Unspeakable Studios’ first game. We are a small, three member team doing our best to bring you all fresh and unique content. Please rate Halls of Darkness and feel free to drop a comment. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Thank you so much for the Support.
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