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Poke Zoo

Poke Zoo
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Poke Zoo

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At the New York City Park Zoo on Wednesday, Terry Hannibal the Elephant plans to celebrate his 3rd birthday outside the zoo to experience the wild in nature. He got bored with his daily routine in the restricted zoo. Elephant’s best friend is the Max the Rhino, who always enjoy showing off for the Terry Elephant’s birthday and he attempted the same usual tricks to cheer but Terry still unsatisfied!

Terry tries to get some tips from the Penguins who trying from long time to escape the zoo and this time all together started planning! One set of animals those wants to celebrate Terry’s birthday somehow escaped zoo successfully and to the back forest which is near zoo area. Now these may harm city and hence the Martin surprised to see the great escape and meanwhile he worried about his Zoo Manager too who might come back in next 2 hour! So you help Martin to catch all the animals and take them back to the Zoo. You must use harmless trap to catch them properly, tap accurately on the animals to trap them and they always tries to escape while you aiming. Trap gun has limited trap nests and you also have limited time to catch them all.

Game has 2 major modes one completely designed for Kids / family supported and the other one for all audience.

Mode 1: In this mode Kids can first learn about animals like awareness, animal names, animal name spelling, alphabets where they can learn and play. There are in total
twelve levels in this mode and in each level you must have to catch one type of animal and arrange its spelling and alphabets.

Mode 2: Here the main task of helping Martin to bring all animals back to the zoo, you have limited time, Trap gun nests, This mode is also endless mode where you will
be keep on getting target of animals to bring back to Zoo and you can keep achieve them and play forever! In this mode audience can improve their accuracy and time
management skills as well.

  • Unlimited fun in the 2nd mode level, play endless
  • Kids can learn about animals in the first mode
  • Real animals with cute animations
  • Easy to play and hard to master
  • Designed for Kids, Family Supported game and also for all the audience
  • Learn animals names, spelling and alphabets while playing
  • Best Kids Learning Game
  • Less file size with best quality graphics and sounds
  • Animals listed: Pig, Cat, Frog, Snail, Rhino, Snake, Mouse, Tortoise, Elephant, Monkey, Penguin, Caterpillar
  • Mixture of forest animals and new breed city animals too
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