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Mind Illusion

Mind Illusion
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Mind Illusion

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The Mind Illusion will have no information about which symbol the player is thinking. The Mind Illusion is based in a amazing mathematical phenomenon. In the App contemporary illusion and the allegory of tricky magic come together.
Bedazzle yourself and trick your friends!


The player thinks of a fictitious freely choosen 2-digit number. Now the player has to substract the cross-sum from the initial number. Every number is connected to a special symbol. The player now chooses the symbol belonging to the resulting Number out of a list of many symbols. The Mind Illusion will now guess accurately predict this symbol.
* More that 200 different symbols
* An astonishing effect is guaranteed!
* The Mind Illusion does never fail!
* The absulute No. 1 party gag, perfectly to trick your friends

How To Play:

* Devise a two-digit number (for example: 34)
* Take the cross sum (3+4=7)
* Substract the cross sum from your number (34-7=27)
* Search the symbol with the number 27 and keep this symbol in your mind
* Press "Read My Mind"
* Now be impressed and show it to your friends :)
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