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Pro Baseball 2017

Pro Baseball 2017
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Pro Baseball 2017

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Pro Baseball 2017-01
Pro Baseball 2017-02
Pro Baseball 2017-03

Pro Baseball 2017 is a stunning game based on quick reflexes and skill. Play for one of 8 awesome new teams in a complete game of baseball! Realistic visuals and skill-based addictive gameplay will keep you immersed in the game like never before.

Play a complete game of baseball! Standard rules apply.

- Tap icons in the menu for corresponding actions.
- On the bat: Tap and hold, then release when the ball is inside the hitting rectangle. If you release when the ball is
not in the rectangle, your batter will recieve a strike. More precise hits result in better hits. If the opportunity to hit a homerun opens, tap and release when the ball is in the center of the circle.
- Runners: Tap for all of your runners to start running. Tap again for the runner in danger to head back to his starting position (Tap a runner you want to return to his starting position), if there is no other runner running to the same base.
- As the Pitcher: Tap to pick a course of the ball, hold and then release to pick the exact spot on the hitting rectangle where you want to thrown the ball. Green spaces result in the best possible throw, red spaces usually end up well for the opponent.
- On the field: Tap the player you wish to run for the ball. When he gets to the ball, tap the player you wish to throw to.
- Catching the ball: When presented with the opportunity, tap when the ball is exactly at the circle to catch it in the air."

Stunning visuals

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